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Indoor Activities

Indoor Activities - As it gets colder and the weather makes it hard for us to take our children outside, it is a good time to make a list of all of the fun indoor activities to do. One parent suggested that you can make the list into 6 categories with 6 options in each categories. For example a Category of Board Games and then a list of 6 board games. Then when you have no idea what to do when you are inside with your kids, you can take a die and roll it. The first roll will be for a category and the 2nd roll will be for the option in the category. So it can be surprising and fun.

Even if you do not go the dice way of choosing, having a list can be really helpful because often in the moment we forget all of our options.

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Halloween - It's coming soon. Use the knowledge of previous years to help this one be less stressful. If your child has issues with people being dressed up or scary creatures lurking everywhere, you might turn off the porch light to your house and not answer the door.

If your child loves Halloween but gets wound up or overwhelmed, consider having a small gathering at your house where you have healthier snack (but fun ones) and just a little candy.

We do not have to force our children to get used to a holiday, we can modify how we handle the holiday instead. Think of any problems that came up last year and find ways to limit those problems. Your children and you will appreciate it.

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Goals - it is important to have them. It is important to strive towards them. But most importantly it is important to realize that we must always keep options open and to be willing to re-evaluate your goals at times.

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Healing through relationships

Healing through relationships - No matter what issues our child(ren) have, they cannot be healed or helped by sending them to a therapist or psychiatrist alone. It is your relationship with them that well help them heal. Work to create as healthy of a relationship as you can with your child(ren). Remember this takes work on everyone's part.

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National Dictionary Day

Today is National Dictionary Day - A great day to play a game of Scrabble with your kids or maybe Pictionary or even a Mad Libs puzzle. Have fun with words. Having magnetic letters or words on your refrigerator is a good way to leave little messages and have fun. Play with words at your children's level - but let them see the fun that words and communication could be.

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Grief is painful

Grief is painful - grieving the loss of a relationship or the loss of your dreams for your children or any other loss is painful. But we must experience the pain and process the loss to be able to move past it. If when you are uncomfortable with the pain you quickly distract yourself or focus on something else - the grief and pain will remain and cause frustration and anger - instead work through it the pain - allow yourself to feel it and it will become less painful. We live in a world of quick fixes - fixing the pain of grief only transforms it into other negative emotions - releasing and dealing with the pain allows us to move forward and truly heal.

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Making chores work for you

Making chores work for you. Do you have a child that just doesn't do chores. They don't seem to care about the money and grounding them drives you crazy. Try this:

1. Figure out what your child really wants or what is really important for them - almost necessary. (For my son it is me being his private taxi service.)

2. Make the benefit/consequence short term. I suggest that if they do their chores the previous week then they get the benefit the next week and if they do not do their chores the previous week they lose their benefit for a week. (for my son - he has Mon-Sun to do his chores - if he does them - mom's taxi service is available to him - if not - he has to figure out a way to get around. It really benefits him to do his chores and it benefits me that his chores are getting done. No arguing - just a simple reminder.)

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Family Craft TIme

Family Craft Time - So often we have our children do crafts but we often are busy with our own stuff we do not sit down with them. Take some time and do crafts with your children. Help them, support them and work on your own - share this time together with them. Let your inner child out and have fun - even put your work on the refrigerator too!

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Family Reading Time

Family Reading Time - So often we tell our children to read while there are other things going on. I found if your children can read on their own - it is really helpful if the whole family sits down and reads their own books together in the same room. That way everyone can be close, spend time and we as parents are leading by example.

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Creating Calming Time Out TImers

Creating Calming time out timers - A friend posted this link - and I found it amazing - you can create your own time out timer that is calming - while watching and waiting for the glitter to settle it calms them out of their anger. It is inexpensive and easy to do - also the blog has many other great parenting ideas!

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