Appreciation - as parents we often feel unappreciated. One way that you can change that is to add appreciation role modeling in your home. Start saying thank you and "I really appreciate that you did x" for even the small things in your life. Tell your partner "Thank you for doing the dishes - I really appreciate it." or "I so appreciate that you take out the trash." Say it even if it their standard chore. Do the same with your children. Yes it took your child 500 reminders, 200 threats and 2 punishments to clean their room - but they did it so tell them "That looks so nice. I appreciate you cleaned your room. Thank you very much it makes me feel good to have a clean house including your room."

Even if you really want to say "Thank you for FINALLY cleaning your room - see I told you it wasn't so bad" - Don't - just say the positive. In our home "thank you" and "I really appreciate that" is said 10s if not nearly 100 times a day by all family members. The cool part is often if you start saying it to your partner - they will start saying it to you and then your children see more role modeling and often will start to verbalize appreciation more often.

Thank you for reading this message.

By Support Last updated: 23 August 2013, 08:33