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Indoor Activities

Indoor Activities - As it gets colder and the weather makes it hard for us to take our children outside, it is a good time to make a list of all of the fun indoor activities to do. One parent suggested that you can make the list into 6 categories with 6 options in each categories. For example a Category of Board Games and then a list of 6 board games. Then when you have no idea what to do when you are inside with your kids, you can take a die and roll it. The first roll will be for a category and the 2nd roll will be for the option in the category. So it can be surprising and fun.

Even if you do not go the dice way of choosing, having a list can be really helpful because often in the moment we forget all of our options.

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Asking for Help

Asking for help - So many of us are the types who try to do it all. We don't like asking for help or support because we think it means we cannot handle it, we are weak or that it would burden someone else. It is important to remember that just like we help others and get a positive feeling from helping them - others would get that same positive feeling from helping us. Sometimes just going for a cup of coffee with a friend so you can just talk is what you need, other times you really do need help with childcare or housework.

Remember with help you become a better friend, parent, partner. We often assume that people just aren't willing to help when we really just need to ask them for help and tell them what we need help with. Communication is key and it can help lift the burden you may feel.

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Getting support

Remember when you thought everything your parents told you was stupid but anyone else telling you the same thing you thought it was smart - use this knowledge to your advantage. Become friends with your children's friends parents or with other adults your children interact with. When those really tough school projects come up or other things that you are struggling with - ask them for help and offer the same help to them for their children. Parents can help make the friend's parents look knowledgeable and then each child visits the other friend's parent and they can assist the child in moving forward with the project. It takes the frustration out of parenting your child while trying to keep them on task. Both children and both parents end up winning and a lot less stress.

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Support Family

Support Family - Raising children that have to be parented differently can be really challenging when our families and friends do not seem to understand. It is important to find support and create a "Support Family". Your "Support Family" can be made up of all sorts of people: Family and friends that were able become educated and supportive; people in support groups in similar situations as you; paid caregivers; those who are willing to watch some or all of your children; and anyone else who is willing to help you without judging you. It is important to write down these people who are your "Support Family" their contact information and times you can call them so that when you get so tired and frazzled you cannot think, you have your support right in front of you. The most important thing to remember is WE NEED SUPPORT and there is NOTHING WRONG ABOUT ASKING FOR HELP. Sometimes we just need a shoulder to cry on - that is what a "Support Family" is for.

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